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Recent Projects

Gill Hedley speaking at Site Gallery, Sheffield, in 2006

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Gill worked with the Gulbenkian on a Visual Arts Strategy:

→ the Gulbenkian Visual Arts Strategy (www)

Part of the strategy was to place contemporary Portuguese visual arts work in their Hoxton Square offices: 2009-10 & 2011-12. In May 2013 Gill organised the display at the Gulbenkian in Hoxton Square with sculptures by the Portuguese artist Fernanda Fragateiro and two works on paper by Bridget Riley and Alison Turnbull:

→ note on the display in the offices

Gill worked with curator Filipa Oliveira and British and Portuguese curators on a series of conversations about visual arts projects, in Guimaraes during 2012 Year of Culture:

→ note on Guimaraes Year of Culture 2012
The Wellcome Trust (www)

Gill Hedley is a writer, an independent curator and a consultant on contemporary visual arts. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view PDF documents.

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