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Gill Hedley speaking at Site Gallery, Sheffield, in 2006

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Gill Hedley is a writer, an independent curator and a consultant on contemporary visual arts. This is an archive of projects, exhibitions, events and news she has been involved with. These stories are re-used elsewhere on the site as notes. Divided by year - please use the menu below:

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→ Guimarães - curators in conversation (www)

Since 2009 the Foundation has developed and supported a number of activities to help raise the profile of Portuguese visual artists and ensure that their work is more widely known across Britain and in an international context. Curators' trips to Portugal have been vital to the success of the programme. The trips aimed to familiarise UK curators with the work of contemporary Portuguese visual artists and establish a UK-wide network of arts professionals knowledgeable about and willing to work with international artists. The three-year contemporary visual art strategy has resulted in three groups of curators familiar with and enthused by the art scene in to Portugal, fostering Anglo-Portuguese relationships and resulting in many exhibition and residency projects throughout the UK (and with many more still brewing).

As a result, the organisers of Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012 have invited the trip organisers, Gill Hedley and Filipa Oliveira, to conceive a project to reflect upon ideas of mobilization and international networks and relations. Together with The Hepworth in Wakefield, whose Director took part in the 2011 trip to Portugal, Gill Hedley and Filipa Oliveira have devised a series of talks on the subjects and invited six curators who participated in the Foundation's curators trips to Portugal to explore these in the format of public conversations with Portuguese artists of their choice. Each conversation will be recorded and subsequently translated into a book format developed within the context of the Guimarães Capital of Culture. Guimarães will make the publication available to be launched in the UK and the plan is to make this coincide with a roundtable involving curators, artists and critics, which could take place in Hoxton Square or be hosted by one of the Foundation's partners such as The Hepworth.

Fábrica ASA, Guimarães, Portugal

Saturday 29 Sept 2012 15h00-18h00Saturday 24 Nov 2012 15h00-18h00
• Filipa Oliveira + Gill Hedley intro• Catherine Hemelryk + Vasco Araujo
• Caroline Hancock + Pedro Barateiro• David Drake + Daniel Blaufuks
• Judit Bodor + Von Calhaul• Sarah Shalgosky + Fernanda Fragateiro
• Jes Fernie + Carla Filipe• Lisa le Feuvre + Angela Ferreira

I’ll be helping artist A.R. Hopwood and The WITH Collective, so come prepared to buy!

→ the Multiplied Art Fair site (www)
→ the False Memory Archive project website (www)
A.R. Hopwood's website (www)

The artist and I continue to work on an exhibition that he is preparing during a residency at Goldsmith’s Dept of Anomalistic Psychology on the subject of False Memory.

image of the book

6-9pm: meet first in Inigo Rooms (east side of Somerset House courtyard) from 6pm onwards then move to the Anatomy Theatre Museum for talk at 7pm; exhibition viewing afterwards with drinks.

An in-conversation between John Christie and me to mark the exhibition of John Berger’s work in the Inigo Rooms, Somerset House. We will be discussing the nature of collaborations. John Berger and filmmaker/artist/publisher John Christie began their project I Send You This Cadmium Red in February 1997 when Christie wrote to Berger: 'What could our next project be?' Berger replied: 'Just send a colour’. A painted square of cadmium red was sent across the English Channel by Christie in London to Berger in France, and a remarkable conversation began.

A book was published that reveals, in the form of letters, notes, small books, and drawings, their subsequent exchange of ideas on colour in a visual odyssey that ranges from Matisse's blue to the blue of Yves Klein; from industrial brown anti-rust paint to Joseph Beuys' Braunkreuz, from mysterious cave paintings to Byzantine gold leaf. The project evolved into a further collaboration with composer Gavin Bryars.

See the blog from the Association of Art Historians. (www)

A private view at the Michelin-starred restaurant Pied à Terre in Charlotte St. for this year’s artist-in-restaurant Anna M.R. Freeman.

→ the Artist-in-Restaurant site (www)
→ the Pied à Terre website (www)
Anna M.R. Freeman's site (www)

The exhibition Restoration then continues 2 Oct – 8 Dec 2012 at Pied à Terre, 34 Charlotte Street, London W1T 2NH. Admission free, Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 3pm–6pm.

work on the wall of the restaurant

installation shot


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