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Gill Hedley speaking at Site Gallery, Sheffield, in 2006

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Gill Hedley is a writer, an independent curator and a consultant on contemporary visual arts. This is an archive of projects, exhibitions, events and news she has been involved with. These stories are re-used elsewhere on the site as notes. Divided by year - please use the menu below:

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image of Butterflies of the Soul

Butterflies of the Soul, 2015 Embossed on silver leaf to tarnish, edition of 25 on Wandle after Morris. Digital bespoke wallpaper

Dillwyn’s Silvering the Cerebrum project continues its collaborative investigation into the brain, dyes, wallpaper and William Morris.

Now on at the Street Gallery, UCL (University College, London). All works are for sale and a percentage of all sales will go to the Brain Bank.

Silvering the Cerebrum (www)
Google search for Dillwyn Smith (www)
summary of Dillwyn's work on this site

A touring exhibition will be announced in due course.

Elpida's work, Haruspex, for the Pavilion of the Holy See, at the 56th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, closes on 26th Nov 2015.

Haruspex installed in Venice (www)
Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva's website (www)
summary of Elpida's work on this site

Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva has been awarded funding by the Wellcome Trust for an art and biomedicine project in collaboration with Dr. Alasdair Forbes from UEA and Dr. Richard Day from UCL.

Her next project will open late summer 2016 in Nottingham and tour during 2017: please see Making Beauty (PDF) for more details.

image of Haruspex installed in Venice

Haruspex, 2015, installation shot:
pig caul fat, lamb intestines, cow stomach, plastic and metal

image of a drawing by Nicola Naismith

Posture, 2016

Nicola Naismith has been awarded a grant by ACE (Arts Council England) for Postures of Making, a research project in which she will work collaboratively with an ergonomics scientist, Valerie Woods, to explore the workings of the creative practitioner's body when engaged in art making. Through the collaboration we will explore my own working processes before opening the project to two groups of practitioners to gain a wider understanding of the effects of making on the body. A touring exhibition will follow.

→ note on related project on Studios
Nicola Naismith's website (www)
summary of Nicola's work on this site

It is my privilege to have been working behind the scenes with three artists all of whom are launching major projects: in Lille, London and at the Venice Biennale.

One is a permanent, public art commission on an unprecedented scale in Lille, the second a celebration of a long and distinguished career with brand new work in London; and last, but only in chronological order, an artist who is creating a major architectural installation for the pavilion of the Holy See at the Venice Biennale.

I am delighted to have been instrumental in introducing Jyll Bradley's work to Artconnexion in Lille and proposing that Ann Sutton's 80th birthday and her vivacious new work should be celebrated in London. I can't pretend to have been an eminence grise in Venice or the Vatican but will be at Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva’s side in the Arsenale and am working closely with her on her current Wellcome-funded research project.

At the invitation of the Holy See Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva presents her latest installation, Haruspex, within the Vatican's pavilion in the Arsenale at the 56th Venice Biennale. The title refers to the process of divination through entrails and is the artist’s response to the theme set by the Holy See, In the Beginning ... the Word was made flesh.

installation photos
Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva's website (www)
summary of Elpida's work on this site

Haruspex by Elpida at Venice

A catalogue, with essays by writers including Professor Ben Quash, will be available.

The resulting exhibition of Elpida’s work will begin at the Djanogly Gallery, University of Nottingham, in late 2016. The exhibition is then available for tour.

Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva has been awarded funding by the Wellcome Trust for an art and biomedicine project in collaboration with Dr. Alasdair Forbes from UEA and Dr. Richard Day from UCL. A touring exhibition will be organised during 2016/17.

Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva's website (www)
summary of Elpida's work on this site

Ann Sutton - new work

Ann Sutton's distinguished career is being celebrated at Collect, as a special project with brand new work.

She and I are working on a solo show of new work scheduled to begin its tour in her home city of Stoke-on-Trent in late 2016.

→ the Collect site (www)
Patrick Heide's website (www)
Ann Sutton's website (www)
summary of Ann's work on this site

Jyll Bradley's Le Jardin Hospitalier was launched at the CHRU hospital in Lille. It is a spectacular installation in a corridor, over one hundred metres in length, punctuated with texts about the philosophy of gardening and grand light boxes.

→ the artconnexion site (www)
→ the letrangere site (www)
Jyll Bradley's website (www)
summary of Jyll's work on this site

Jyll Bradley in Lille

detail of installation Le Jardin Hospitalier (2015) Lille

Images illustrate Lille’s long history as a botanical city; the wall panels are of Douglas fir, gently wavy coated steel and neon Perspex; there is also an area with beautiful benches and books for study. A book of the same title has been published.

Jacob Epstein and Portland Mason

Jacob Epstein and Portland Mason, 1952

Exhibition Curator, Gill Hedley, explores Sir Jacob Epstein’s life and work in Bloomsbury. The Foundling Hospital was ever-present in his life during a period of remarkable artistic creation and complex domestic circumstances. Discover the fascinating story of how a pioneer of modernism was entranced by babies and children as subjects. Curator's Talk 26 Feb, doors 18:30, talk, 19:00. £5.

→ Foundling Museum's exhibition note (www)
What's On in London (www)
→ review in Apollo magazine (PDF)
→ review in the Telegraph (PDF)
catalogue essay (PDF)

Sir Jacob Epstein (1880-1959), pioneer of modernism and distinguished portrait sculptor, made many portraits of children throughout his career. This exhibition, curated by Gill Hedley, explores Epstein’s love of children as subject matter by bringing together a remarkable selection of his moving bronzes and drawings of babies and children, including members of his own family.

Epstein made his first sculptures of babies as a young man in Paris, becoming even more compelled by the subject on becoming a father in 1918. He worked from a number of studios in the Bloomsbury area and, from 1916, lived in a house which overlooked the Foundling Hospital, close to his beloved British Museum - a place of inspiration for Epstein.

The artist’s life in Bloomsbury between 1914 and 1927 provided a bohemian backdrop for his work. During this time he had five children from a number of extramarital affairs. His first wife Margaret, was unable to have children but brought up the eldest and youngest of these children. She endured her husband’s infidelities until her death in 1947, although she is alleged to have shot his long-term lover Kathleen Garman - later Lady Epstein - in the shoulder with a pearl-handled pistol.

Beyond the complexities of his domestic life, there is no doubt that as an artist Epstein loved children. Portraits of his own children, his grandchildren and those of his friends and contemporaries show how this bear-like man was entranced by his small subjects and the challenges they presented.

The exhibition features bronzes, drawings and archive photographs of the artist, his children and their mothers, and explores Epstein’s life in Bloomsbury in the shadow of the Foundling Hospital.

Nicola Naismith is conducting conversations about what studios mean to different people.

→ text on Gill Hedley's response to the topic, with links for you to follow the conversation
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On Tues 20 Jan 2015 from 6pm at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, Gill Hedley will be in conversation with the artist Linda Karshan. Contact the College for tickets.

See Linda's web presence with the Redfern Gallery (www).

Linda Karshan drawing

Marks and Moves


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