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Gill Hedley speaking at Site Gallery, Sheffield, in 2006

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Gill Hedley is a writer, an independent curator and a consultant on contemporary visual arts. This is an archive of projects, exhibitions, events and news she has been involved with. These stories are re-used elsewhere on the site as notes. Divided by year - please use the menu below:

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Tim Head

Artist Tim Head with the Richard Hamilton paintings
he will re-interpret as part of the residency

Invitations will be sent later to the private view of Tim Head's exhibition to mark his residency as Artist-in-Restaurant at Pied à Terre. His work during the residency has focused on design, in hommage to Richard Hamilton.

→ the Artist-in-Restaurant site (www)
→ the Pied à Terre website (www)
Tim Head's website (www)

Gill will be in conversation with Liliane Lijn to introduce the artist’s film Look A Doll! - My Mother's Story (1998 – 2000) at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge on Tues 22nd October. The film explores Lijn’s mother’s childhood in Russia and Poland, using interviews, photomontage and archive film clips. Extending the autobiographical theme developed in Lijn’s book Her Mother's Voice the film depicts the reality of family life of a Jewish woman born into the 20th Century in the years leading up to the Holocaust.

62 minutes shot on Sony digital video, edited on Beta SP. Camera: John Bulmer, Editor: Michael Franks, Rostrum Camera: Ken Morse. Made with the financial aid of the London Production Fund.

An enactment of oral tradition between generations and between mother and daughter, it is about ‘the restlessness of the rootless, those who have lost everything, even and most painfully their past’.

poster for Liliane Lijn work
warriors at the funeral games

warriors at the funeral games

Lynn MacRitchie's film Towers of Ilium has been shot in Essex with layers of reference to Homer’s Iliad, Troy and the Tilbury Trojan skinheads. It was shown at DOMOBAAL, 3 John Street, London WC1N 2ES, with an opening at 6pm on Weds 18 Sept 2013.

summary of the film
video of the film on Vimeo (www)
extended text about the film (PDF)
Lynn MacRitchie's website (www)
summary of Lynn's work on this site

See photograph and caption from the Guardian: a quick photo fashion piece on Art Fair style.

Sigune Hamann's exhibition In the Name of at DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery is inspired by the return of the Lindisfarne Gospels to Durham, on loan from the British Library. Sigune will discuss the new work she has made for this exhibition with the exhibition's curator, Gill Hedley.

The talk will be followed by the launch of a new limited edition diorama by Sigune Hamann in conjunction with The Multiple Store.

catalogue essay
photos of the installation
→ the Multiple Store site (www)
Sigune Hamann's website (www)
summary of Sigune's work on this site

6.30pm Tues 17 Sept at DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery, Aykley Heads, Durham, DH1 5TU. Admission to the talk is free. Please book a place by calling 03000 266590.

a poster in Durham town centre

one of the works as a poster in Durham town centre

This talk was followed by a studio visit in Jan 2014, where Sigune showed the new multiples and also a selection of previous work.

poster for A.R. Hopwood exhibition

A.R. Hopwood's exhibition The False Memory Archive opens in Penzance on 27th September. The show was seen at the University of Warwick and is evolving for its showing at Penzance, with further showings in Edinburgh and at the Freud Museum in 2014. More details of these nearer the time.
A.R. Hopwood's website (www)
false memory archive site (www).

Opening 27th September at The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance, TR18 2NL.

For further information about the project or the exhibition, please contact:
Emily Philippou, Media Officer, Wellcome Trust, (020) 7611 8726 /

Link to full explanation of the exhibition and the artist's new role in the attached PDF file: A.R. Hopwood A National Tour (PDF). The exhibition tours to The University of Edinburgh's Talbot Rice Gallery and then The Freud Museum, London - see dates to the left.

Sigune Hamann has been invited to have an exhibition, at the DLI Arts Centre in Durham in July 2013 to coincide with the return of the Lindisfarne Gospels to Durham from the British Library. Sigune and I are working together on the project which is available for tour from late 2014 onwards. She will show some of her filmstrip works and make new work which responds to the idea of the journey (the Gospels travelled with St Cuthbert’s body for 100 years fom Lindisfarne to Durham) and light-boxes, echoing the way in which the gospels are believed to have been created.

incised pebbles

a new multiple, based on incised pebbles
from the north east coast

In The Name Of to celebrate the return of the Lindisfarne Gospels to Durham, on loan from the British Library.

catalogue essay
→ photos of the exhibition installation
Sigune Hamann's website (www)
summary of Sigune's work on this site

At the DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery, Aykley Heads, Durham, DH1 5TU.

installation shots of work in Venice

installation shot of work in Venice

Elpida Hadzi-Vaileva's exhibition Silentio Pathologia. Preview dates in Venice May 29, 30, 31 at the Pavilion of the Republic of Macedonia, Venice Biennale, Scuola dei Laneri, Fondamenta del Gaffaro, Santa Croce 131, Venezia.

catalogue essay
→ exhibition press release (PDF)
→ exhibition proposal (PDF)
Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva's website (www)
summary of Elpida's work on this site

Elpida was previously artist-in-restaurant at the Pied à Terre. Her Venice installation will be available to tour from early 2014.

While in Venice I will be with Justin Merino who is Director, Loans & Exhibitions, APT. I helped them in an advisory role. They will be introducing a scheme to curators by which works can be borrowed simply, efficiently and with no fee, from a range of international storage spaces.

A.R. Hopwood and the Wellcome Trust
Alasdair has been given a second Wellcome Trust grant for a solo show on the subject of False Memory. There will be a programme of events held in Edinburgh in spring 2013 during the Science Festival there, followed by a solo exhibition at The Exchange, Newlyn, in autumn 2013, and another version of the exhibition, again with site specific work, at The Freud Museum, London, in 2014. Other venues can be added to the tour, all with site specific projects. The artist and I are working together on the project. Please contact me for more details. See the website false memory archive (www).

I have just finished organising the latest display at the offices of the Gulbenkian Foundation (UK) in Hoxton Square with a beautiful sculpture Not Connecting by the Portuguese artist Fernanda Fragateiro and two works on paper by Bridget Riley and Alison Turnbull.

Photographs and my introductory text can be seen:
label text (PDF)
installation photos of Fernanda's sculpture
→ the Gulbenkian Foundation UK (www)

installation photo of Fernanda's piece

installation of Not Connecting in the Gulbenkian offices

Conference on Richard Hamilton
I took part in a conference on Richard Hamilton, Victor Pasmore and the Basic Design course at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. I spoke about Hamilton’s time in Newcastle and the extraordinary range of students that studied with him, based on research started during a short fellowship I held with the university. Link to the conference paper on Richard Hamilton's time in Newcastle and the students he taught there between 1953 and 1966.

Mentor for AXIS
Mentor to a group of five young Welsh artists: Freddy Griffiths, Shaun James, Phil Lambert, Ian Wilkins & Megan Wyatt. Link to the Axisweb site (www).

Arthur Jeffress
I gave a paper at the Association of Art Historians’ Conference at Reading in April 2013 as part of the session: London’s Commercial Art Market: Art on sale and display from 1920 to now. My paper was entitled Arthur Jeffress for Painting.

Jean-Yves Mock has written a memoir of Erica Brausen, the important gallery owner who was Francis Bacon's first dealer, whose gallery was backed by Arthur Jeffress. I am grateful to M. Mock for permission to reproduce it here with my translation.


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