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Gill Hedley speaking at Site Gallery, Sheffield, in 2006

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Gill Hedley is a writer, an independent curator and a consultant on contemporary visual arts. This is an archive of projects, exhibitions, events and news she has been involved with. These stories are re-used elsewhere on the site as notes. Divided by year - please use the menu below:

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image of John Berger

Gill Hedley in conversation with John Christie on John Berger as artist and collaborator. Part of a day's symposium organised by AICA to celebrate John Berger's 90th birthday.

→ copy of the presentation (www)
→ note on previous In Conversation about John Berger

A remarkable exhibition of the work of Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva: Making Beauty, for which I am co-curator. It has already had a soft summer opening in Nottingham but its formal preview will take place on 22nd September at the Djanogly Gallery. The show combines Elpida’s two major projects of 2015 – her exhibition in the Vatican Pavilion at the Venice Biennale and then only one month later a new installation at Fabrica Brighton - into one new architectural interpretation.

The private view is on 22 September when I will be giving a talk from 6-7pm: Material Culture. See the video of the lecture. (www)

A smaller version of Making Beauty will be shown at Danielle Arnaud Gallery in London in early 2017.

The summer launch of Making Beauty has led to some excellent publicity. These articles give the best introduction to her beautiful and extraordinary use of materials:
→ article from Wallpaper (www)
→ article from CNN (www)
→ and Critics' Choice in FT Weekend (PDF)

→ exhibition website (www)
→ catalogue essay Wall Veil (PDF)
video of lecture by Gill at Nottingham (www)
Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva's website (www)
summary of Elpida's work on this site

image of Elpida's work Making Beauty

Making Beauty - installation shot at the Djanogly

Lakeside Arts
University Of Nottingham
University Blvd
Nottingham NG7 2RD
0115 951 3192

image of Elpida's work Making Beauty

Making Beauty - installation shot at the Djanogly

I am also delighted to announce that Elpida has just been given a Golden Award at the Osten Drawing Biennial in Skopje. See also the essay These paper bullets of the brain (PDF), a survey of the work by British artists in the Osten collection.

Article in Septembers's edition of the Royal Academy magazine on Movers and Shakers - three London-based postwar female gallerists: Ala Story, Peter Norton and Erica Brausen.

image of Richard Hamilton with Gill Hedley

Richard Hamilton and Gill Hedley, São Paulo, 1989

Borough Road Gallery
School of Creative Arts & Industries
London South Bank University
103 Borough Road, London, SE1 0AA

As part of my informal research into Richard Hamilton’s time in Newcastle upon Tyne, I am giving a talk on:


This talk will look at Hamilton’s time at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (1953-1966). It will also be an informal presentation of memories and comment from those who have worked in education, art history and as practising artists as a result of their studies in the Fine Art Department under the Father of Pop during one of the very many periods of Pop Art’s conception.

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7815 5737

Gill was invited by Osten, an art foundation in Skopje, Macedonia, to survey the work by British artists in their collection, and to write the introductory essay for their catalogue: These paper bullets of the brain (PDF). While she was there she also gave a lecture on contemporary British art.

detail from filmstrip of London

detail from London filmstrip

image of Butterflies of the Soul

Butterflies of the Soul, 2015 Embossed on silver leaf to tarnish, edition of 25 on Wandle after Morris
digital bespoke wallpaper

The Symposium will also give an opportunity to consider the work produced by artist Dillwyn Smith during his residency as a guest at the Queen Square Brain Bank, UCL.

As the final part of Dillwyn Smith’s residency at the Brain Bank, I am chairing a symposium Silvering the Cerebrum. You are invited to the following event:

Thursday, April 21 2016 from 9:30am to 1:30pm
Basement Lecture Theatre
National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
33 Queen Square, London

Speakers include:

  • Professor Andrew Lees, Emeritus Professor of Neurology
  • Dr Tammaryn Lashley, Alzheimer's Research UK Research Fellow, UCL
  • Dr Juan A. De Carlos, Instituto Cajal (C.S.I.C.) Madrid
  • Dr Carmen Fracchia, Senior Lecturer in Early Modern Spanish Visual Studies
  • Dillwyn Smith, Artist in Residence Queen Square Brain Bank
  • Chaired by Gill Hedley

→ on Silvering the Cerebrum (www)
→ online article about this fascinating project (www)
Google search for Dillwyn Smith (www)
summary of Dillwyn's work on this site

Free: Tuesday, 26 April 2016 5.15-6.45pm

Gill Hedley (independent curator, consultant, writer and critic and Art Advisor for the New Hall Art Collection (www)) will be charing a conversation with three artists about their work and research involving science and working with scientists. This panel has been brought together to give Fellows, students and the wider public a chance to explore the diverse ways artists work across disciplines.

Register with Eliza Gluckman,
Curator, New Hall Art Collection
The Council Room, Murray Edwards College, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB3 0DF

The three artists involved:

Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva
After a successful research and development collaboration between sculptor Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva and three biomedical departments in the universities of East Anglia, London and Nottingham, funded by Wellcome Trust, the exhibition Making Beauty will open at the Djanogly Gallery, University of Nottingham, as lead partner, in August 2016, and then at the Danielle Arnaud Gallery in London in early 2017. The show at the Djanogly Gallery will include site-specific versions of two major installations by Hadzi-Vasileva: for the Venice Biennale May-Nov 2015, and Brighton July-Sept 2015.

installation shot of Fragility at Fabrica, Brighton

Installation shot of Fragility (detail), Fabrica, Brighton, 2015

Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva's website (www)
summary of Elpida's work on this site

Nicola Naismith
Postures of Making is an artistic research and development activity which involves Nicola Naismith working collaboratively with an ergonomics scientist to explore the workings of the creative practitioner's body when engaged in art making. Through the collaboration they will explore the artist’s own working processes before opening the project to two groups of artists to gain a wider understanding of the effects of art making on the body. The production of experimental prototypes, curatorial consultation and meetings with potential venues will work towards an exhibition programme complemented by talks and events.

Jyll Bradley
Jyll Bradley is featured in the Winter edition of RA Magazine as part of Up the Garden Path: an article featuring figures at the forefront of new thinking about flora. In a response to her site-specific and immersive installation, Le Jardin hospitalier, at Hôpital Roger Salengro in Lille, Bradley discusses in the article how the garden is a perfect metaphor for what happens in a hospital ... in particular, plants in greenhouses are like humans in hospitals – both rely on others to bring them the essentials for life. Both gardens and hospitals are ecologies of care.

installation shot (detail) of Le Jardin hospitalier, Lille, 2015

detail of installation Le Jardin Hospitalier (2015) Lille

Jyll Bradley's website (www)
summary of Jyll's work on this site

image of Rapture in park land at Nymans

Rapture, 2015 gold leaf on upturned tree

Elpida's’s Rapture unveils a towering creation of wood and gilding. Nestled against a backdrop of ancient woodland at the National Trust’s Nymans, it brings a new perspective to the winter landscape. Mon Jan 11 - Sun 28 Feb 2016: 10am - 4pm. Normal garden admission applies.

Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva's website (www)
summary of Elpida's work on this site

A.R.Hopwood has published a book of his False Memory Archive on line: The Independent on Sunday carried a long article about his work in their New Review Magazine on 24 January.

A.R. Hopwood's website (www)
→ download the book (www)
→ the artist's text from the book
feature in the Independent on Sunday (www)
→ Gill Hedley's text from the article (PDF)
summary of A.R. Hopwood's work on this site


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