Gill Hedleyback

Writer and Curator

Design Note

Gill Hedley speaking at Site Gallery, Sheffield, in 2006

About 80 content files, with links and cross-references, plus PDFs and jpgs. It is mostly a text-based site, with blocks of colour. There are some images. The main purpose of the site is to record and promote the work of Gill Hedley, who is a writer, an independent curator and a consultant on contemporary visual arts.

The site has not been designed for use on mobiles: it may just display a key-hole view of a page. It has been maximised for ordinary screen display, and most pages will switch to iPad portrait mode.

1) Sitemap
The sitemap gives the best overview of the structure of the files.

2) Uncluttered main pages
The pages off the main menu are kept as clear as possible by the use of ssi files. On some pages, blue links on bullet points open up to provide more detail: either individually or show all. Any file leaving the home website is marked up with (www) for a link to an external website, or with (PDF) for a link to a PDF file.

3) Then detail below
On some pages there are accordions - click the blue link in a bullet point and detail opens up below, with notes and further links. There is an option to show all. On the Recent projects page the list of references for each artist is called a summary, and re-used and jumped to from other pages.

4) PDF files marked up
All PDF files are marked on-screen with (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat to view PDF documents.

5) Internal site search
Use the Zoom™ search engine to find whole words across the website. For partial words add wildcards ? or *. The search terms will be highlighted in yellow on the return list, and then on the webpage when that is selected, though they may be hidden below the accordions - open the relevant blue link in a bullet point.

6) News and an Archive
The news page is updated as appropriate and then stories are pushed back to the archive pages. The notes and stories from the news and archive pages are re-used and linked back into other pages.

7) A print style
A print.css has been implemented, which strips out the formatting to provide a plain text, although this may not work consistently on all the pages. On pages with accordions it will only print what you have revealed, so click a relevant section open first, or show all. On some pages a PDF file provides a summary.

8) Email contact
There is an email contact. It will first put up a dialogue box. This is not Gill Hedley's main email address and is not checked regularly. Emails will be treated as comments and will only be replied to if there is on-going business. Any comments about the design of the site, or about details of accessibility are welcome.

9) Legal Standards
• Accessibility: mandatory notes about PDF files have been added and there have been many small
  changes to do with colour contrasts and 'alt' tags, etc. It is now a good match to US Section 508
  and WCAG 2.00 AAA standards, but may not be fully compliant
• Cookies: No cookies are used and no private information is requested or stored

10) Visibility of Site on the Internet
Each page has meta tags implemented and keywords reinforced, and there is micro-markup on almost every page. This all improves the visibilty of the website to relevant searches on Google, etc. Do contact us if you would like to link your site to ours.