Gill Hedleyback

Writer and Curator

Other Files

Gill Hedley speaking at Site Gallery, Sheffield, in 2006

These are the other files required to run the site. See the main Sitemap. There is also an .xml Sitemap for the web spiders to crawl over

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Zoom™ search template initiated from 'search.php'
• htaccess - controls server side file actions. Enables ssi with .html
robots.txt file information for web crawlers: which pages not to visit
• .css files: the main prg/screen.css file, plus prg/print.css & styling for the Zoom™ search facility

Directories and Placings

• Texts - in a separate /txt folder
• Images - in a separate /jpg folder
• PDF files - in a separate /pdf folder
• Plus .css, .ssi & .php files: header / photo / navigation - in separate /prg folder

And the following files, placed variously

• error.log - records errors on the web server
• prg/html5shiv.js - javascript so this HTML5 site can work with older versions
• a google file - enables tracking and analytics
• search.php & settings.php - enable the Zoom™ search
• a number of other Zoom™ index files - set up by the zoom-GH.zcfg configuration