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Gill Hedley speaking at Site Gallery, Sheffield, in 2006

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Gill Hedley is a writer, an independent curator and a consultant on contemporary visual arts. The menu to the left leads to different aspects of her work. On some pages blue links in bullet points open for more detail. Below are current and recent projects, with more on the archive pages.

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My Bones are Woven                     Ann Sutton                     film premiere Λ

A wonderful film, directed by Jane Mote, on the work of Ann Sutton, My Bones Are Woven, will be premiered at the Chichester Film Festival on Tues 16 August at 1:30pm.

London premiere later at the British Library Ann Sutton in Words and Film. The programme will be announced on the film festival website on 18 July, tickets on sale to friends 22 July and to the public 25 July.

New Book on Henry Flitcroft                      Autumn 2023 Λ

I am delighted to announce that Lund Humphries will publish The Ingenious Mr Flitcroft: Palladian Architect Henry Flitcroft 1697-1769, in Autumn 2023.

He is best known - even nicknamed Burlington Harry - for his work with his patron Lord Burlington and at St Giles in the Fields, Wentworth Woodhouse and above all Stourhead.

However, he worked over many decades for several families, including the Montagus and Hoares. This is the first survey of his long and wide-ranging career, with a subststanial amount of new material.

A group of architectural historians and other specialists met at Hoares Bank to discuss Flitcroft's life and works. A powerpoint presentation was created for this event, available from the Georgian Group, which has featured Flitcroft as a research topic - link to Georgian Group (www)

street sign for Flitcroft Street
portrait of Peter Norton
caption for portrait of Peter Norton

Peter Norton with Field Marshall Montgomery

The next biography, currently at the research stage, will be of Lady Norton. Born Noel Evelyn Hughes, always known as Peter, she founded The London Gallery in 1936 until her husband’s diplomatic career took them first to Poland, then to Switzerland during the war and finally to the British Embassy in Greece.

She was a dealer, a collector, patron, fundraiser and a tireless worker for children’s charities. She was an expert skier, worked in the advertising business in the 1920s and a supporter of Bauhaus emigres in the 1930s, especially her close friends Marcel Breuer and Herbert Bayer, who she met skiing. Supporting artists, especially the international avant-garde, was the main function of The London Gallery. Helping people, with scant regard for propriety, was her raison d’être.

See Royal Academy article on Peter Norton

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